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Welcome on The TORCS Racing Board

What is TORCS?

TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator is a car racing simulation, which allows you to drive in races against opponents simulated by the computer and to develop your own computer-controlled driver (also called a robot) in C or C++.

What is The TORCS Racing Board?

The TORCS Racing Board (TRB) is a platform to organize and perform racing championships for computer controlled car drivers in The Open Racing Car Simulator. The goal is to form a TORCS racing community and to have fun.

How do I develop a robot?

To get an idea at least skim through the robot tutorial. You can download an advanced version of the tutorial robot here, it includes a script to derive your own robot from it within seconds.

How can I join an Event or Championship on The TORCS Racing Board?

To join a championship you have to follow the steps below.

  • Develop a robot which satisfies the rules of the event you want to join.
  • Create an account on The TORCS Racing Board (you will be first a 'spectator').
  • Change your account into a 'racer' account. You can find a link in "Your Account", you have to solve a quiz.
  • Create a team which satisfies the rules.
  • Register your team for the championship.

The races have three phases.

  • Robot upload phase, all competitors can update their robots on the server.
  • A racing phase, where all competitors willing to run the race download and install all robots and run the race locally on their own computers.
  • Result submission phase, where the competitors can submit their results.

You can find the robot upload, download and the result submission on the page of the event. Be aware that the appearance of the page changes depending on the phase of the event.