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TORCS Endurance Test Races 2016

Description: The purpose of these races is to test and set up the teams and robots correctly for the "TORCS Endurance World Championship 2016", to make the competitors familiar with the process and to have fun, teams and drivers are NOT rewarded with points.
Rules: Display rules.
Schedule: Display detailed race schedule.
: From 2016-03-08 00:00:00 to 2016-05-04 00:00:00.
Duration: From 2016-03-16 00:00:00 to 2016-05-10 00:00:00.
Max. Teams: 15 (6 registered, 9 free)
Pointsystem: No points
Allowed cars: car1-trb1 , car2-trb1 , car3-trb1 , car4-trb1 , car5-trb1 , car6-trb1 , car7-trb1 , car8-trb1
Teams: Berniw Racing , Hymie Tech , Autobot , wdbee robotics , Blue Eagle Racing , Sieger
Alpine 2 Done Race Result Raw Data  
Olethros Road 1 Done Race Result Raw Data  
Street 1 Done Race Result Raw Data  
Dirt 3 Done Race Result Raw Data  
Standings: Standings


Here you can download the robots of this event. The license of the code is the GPL, the artwork is licensed under the FAL. Check as well the documentation in the package (if there is any).

Team Name Download Module (*)
Berniw Racing berniw_2004.tar.bz2
Hymie Tech hymie_2017.tar.bz2
Autobot autobot.tar.bz2
wdbee robotics wdbee_robotics.tar.bz2
Blue Eagle Racing blueeagle_2016.tar.bz2
Sieger sieger_2016.tar.bz2

(*) The name comes from the team database entry, so the year number can be misleading.