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Author: ajay | Created: 2014-02-12 06:01:13
Subject: Steering Wheel and Pedal Combination for TORCS
Can anyone suggest a steering wheel and pedal combination that will work with TORCS.
I need to interface the accessories with my laptop running Windows-7 64 bit.

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    Author: berniw | Created: 2014-02-12 22:43:47
    Subject: Re: Steering Wheel and Pedal Combination for TORCS
    Basically every device which is supported by your operating system will work. I have a more than 10 years old Logitech Momo (200°), it is worn out but works great otherwise. I bought last year as well a Logitech G27 (900°), which is nice too.

    I would recommend to consider this points:
    - TORCS has currently no force feedback, so maybe a wheel without force feedback would do the trick
    - Take you time to review the actual wheel constructions (single/dual motor, turn angle, does the mount fit with your desk/simulation rig, ...)
    - Dual motor designs are very loose around the center by design usually, beware (e.g. the G27)
    - With/without clutch pedal/stick for sequential shift/paddles/buttons/stick shifter/...
    - Will you use it as well for other simulations, what is recommened for them
    - Grip, mounting angle: How does it feel, mostly important for long races

    TORCS will eventually get "official" support for stick shifters in 1.3.6 (it is supported since 2005 or so, but you have to configure it in the XML by hand currently). Portable force feedback seems to be in SDL 2.0, so in the TORCS 1.4 series force feedback might come, after introducing caster (to calculate proper forces).

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      Author: ajay | Created: 2014-02-13 13:34:22
      Subject: Re: Steering Wheel and Pedal Combination for TORCS
      It is great to hear that Logitech G27 (900 degree) works with TORCS.
      This is what I am thinking of buying (along with gear and pedals).

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        Author: nitro2 | Created: 2018-01-09 07:56:29
        Subject: Re: Steering Wheel and Pedal Combination for TORCS
        Any cheaper steering wheel that works with TORCS?
        Thanks :D
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