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Author: firechief | Created: 2015-06-02 06:33:10
Subject: G-Track-1 Review
So good to be back after a break of far too many years :) Here's my take on the first race of the season, I'm sure others saw it differently so please feel free to share your impressions ...

Qualifying saw DanDroid and Valk using Mercedes engines with blown diffusers and the fan off the Brabham Bt46B. Then came the wdbees Lupo/Lobo followed closely by the Hymies, then a gap back to the rest of the field.

In the race, DanDroid and Valk charged off into the distance to run their own uneventful races with the DanDroids clearly the fastest ensuring a 1/2 finish.

Lupo & Lobo got away to a bit of a slow start and were jumped on the opening straight by both Hymies, which slipped past into 5th & 6th. Neither of the wdbees was able to re-overtake before the first pit stops despite obviously being slightly faster than the Hymies.

The wdbees pitted earlier than the Hymies, putting them a lap down which seriously hampered them from then on, as whenever a wdbee managed to overtake a Hymie it was blue flagged & forced to hand the position straight back again.

The Hymies refused to repair minor damage in order to minimize their time in pits, which helped build their advantage. Hymie 2 managed to get a lap ahead of Hymie 1, which was left alone to hold the wdbees back. Hymie 1 stayed out a lap too long for one of its pit stops, coasting the last few bends on an empty tank before limping into the pits - it seems on mluc's race this may have caused it to fail to finish.

On lap 191 the two Hymies collided, with 2 taking 8000 damage and having to pit and repair, still emerging in front of Hymie 1 but no longer with a lap advantage, while Hymie 1 decided to struggle on carrying 6687 damage points.

Of the wdbees, Lupo was only a lap behind hymie 1 and seriously nipping at its heels, but Lobo had slipped another 2 laps behind and seemed to be out of the reckoning.

If Hymie 1 was forced to pit then there was a chance Lupo could jump past and gain a place, but it wasn't to be, and that's how the race finished although Lupo managed to unlap itself a couple hundred metres before the finish line on the final lap.

There was also a close struggle between the italians and the eagles, but I wasn't watching that part of the race hence am unable to describe what happened.

All robots behaved impeccably, which was awesome to see. Also watching a race on this track is quite mesmerising.

And lastly, this was the situation for lap after lap after lap ... :)

Brondehach looks very interesting, a narrower track with plenty of areas that are dangerous for overtaking and of course the bumpy high-speed chicane with its potential for spectacular collisions.
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    Author: dummy | Created: 2015-06-02 10:21:05
    Subject: Re: G-Track-1 Review
    > And lastly, this was the situation for lap after lap after lap ...
    LOL, your humor and lengthy posts were really missed here.

    I have to admit, that I got a little lucky in finding the perfect setup. On the other tracks the DanDroids will not be this fast ;)
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