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Author: firechief | Created: 2016-08-30 09:29:20
Subject: Wheel-1 Review - Brondehach Preview
Hi folks, looks like a nice smattering of results there, and good to see so many people ran the race this time, a great improvement over the 3 who submitted results for the previous one!

Anyway, without further ado, here's my pictorial diary of the race as I saw it:-

Looking at the results, obviously others did not see the same. Giskard had a couple of poor results that dropped him to 4th in the standings, notably he was eliminated in Berniw's race and came in 8th in Danny's. Hymie generally finished between 4th & 6th, except for a few times when he too was well down the order. And Sieger ... I can only guess that I didn't submit the correct tarball (again) :\

DanDroid 2 was pushed into the midfield in my race, but that was an outlier - those Droids are looking alarmingly consistent, and as a team they took the victory this week ... just.

Looking at the overall scoreboard, Daneel takes over the top spot from Pat Warburton, and USR has also taken the lead from Hymie. DanDroid are only 13.5 points behind though, which isn't much at all, so anything could happen from here (and probably will).

As far as this race went though, it wasn't as enthralling to watch as e-track-6, the field seemed to string out & cars couldn't challenge as easily. Maybe because there were fewer straights to slipstream on.

There'll be even less on tortuous Brondehach, which is coming up next. Excluding Giskard's time from back in 2008 (when the physics were totally different), DanDroid holds the modern-era record set last year, and even a buttered-cat-enhanced Hymie was unable to keep up. The Droids failed to win though due to their overly conservative passing skills at the time, which have since been greatly improved.

I've noticed that the Droids have bettered their 2015 times in the past 2 races. Can they keep up the trend at Brondehach? Can USR and Hymie find a way to overcome their poor pace at this track last year? Can the Wolves rediscover the form that saw them win the race in '15, the last time they've taken a TRB victory in fact? Can Team JeDi find some speed <hint>use the axle suspension</hint> and insert his cars into the mix? Can anyone avoid berniw cars when they go sideways at the chicane? Will a miracle happen and I submit 4 correct tarballs? How many times will Danny need to run the race to get a 1-2 DanDroid result? How many questions can I ask before I run out? What will ... hmm, ok, I've got nothing else.

Please share your observations on the wheel-1 race, and make your bold predictions on what's in store for us at Brondehach :)

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    Author: jisham | Created: 2016-08-30 14:38:46
    Subject: Re: Wheel-1 Review - Brondehach Preview
    Huh, what? Where's that owner's manual again? I saw something about:

    > 8.3.11. Third element: spring, suspension course, slow bump, slow rebound.

    but I didn't understand what it meant at the time.

    BRB... [runs off to garage and grabs a spanner...]
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    Author: dummy | Created: 2016-08-30 23:45:39
    Subject: Re: Wheel-1 Review - Brondehach Preview
    This was a lucky win for the Droids and they closed the gap by one point. This is already a huge success considering how dominant you were in the first three races. And this time I only ran the race one time, because a 1-3 finish was probably the best I could hope for. It certainly helped the Droids that one Berniw eliminated himself even before crossing the start line. Sadly he took Pete Sieger with him after a Robotics crashed into the evil pit wall and Pete was sandwiched between the Robotics and Berniw.

    I agree, Brondehach will certainly see a lot more action than Wheel-1. Anything can happen (and probably will) indeed. Our spanners will not be used until after the next race though.
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      Author: firechief | Created: 2016-08-31 03:51:27
      Subject: Re: Wheel-1 Review - Brondehach Preview
      You know I wasn't serious about running the race lots of times - no offense intended, was just trying to joke around, which often doesn't end well on the interwebs :)

      Not that there's anything wrong with running the race several times & taking the best result. If its a close fight, you do what it takes to win provided its within the rules.

      I agree that this race was a huge success for DanDroid - possibly the turning of the tide. I'm not sure what I can do to stave off the challenge...
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        Author: dummy | Created: 2016-08-31 21:42:52
        Subject: Re: Wheel-1 Review - Brondehach Preview
        I believe I know you very well by now and never thought you were serious. You're too nice for this ;)
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