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Author: firechief | Created: 2016-10-11 01:51:09
Subject: G-track-3 Review
Greetings all, what a difficult and dangerous race that was, my robots are glad to see the back of it. As usual here's my pictorial diary of how it unfolded on my computer...

Looking through the raw results, it seems the USRs were consistently the best team but its not reflected that way in the race standings. That's because Giskard was fatally knocked out by a berniw in Bernhard's race, and ran out of gas in John's. That was enough to pull USR down to 3rd, half a point behind DanDroid, with Hymie taking the win.

The championship is still alive, though now its getting to a desperate stage for DanDroid with only 3 races left to make up a 20 point deficit. Its looking more like a contest between USR and Hymie, which is far too close to call. Danny promised to use his spanners in order to mount a challenge, so we shall see - I expect him to be very strong on wheel-2, especially as DanDroid won last year's race at that circuit.
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    Author: dummy | Created: 2016-10-11 10:24:00
    Subject: Re: G-track-3 Review
    Well, "Berniw purple" or "Berniw pink" (I've always had difficulties to distinguish them) resulted in the same ranking for both Droids, so here's the scientific proof that the color makes no difference at all. This should finally end all color and speed related discussions on this forum :)

    Congrats to the Hymies for a fabulous win, although it pretty much finished my hopes to end the season in second place.

    And as always a great review on You pointed out all the important things, so I have nothing to add here.

    And finally, it was indeed a big surprise to see wdbee robotics this fast. If they achieved this only through self learning, it would be a great promise for 'real' robotic cars in the future.
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    Author: jisham | Created: 2016-10-11 19:40:43
    Subject: Re: G-track-3 Review
    Free spin-dancing lessons on the beach outside the exit of turn two :-)
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      Author: firechief | Created: 2016-10-11 23:45:16
      Subject: Re: G-track-3 Review
      Yeah I can imagine tracks like this would be very difficult to tune for an old bot written by someone else. And still to come is the madness of dirt-2...
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