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Author: berniw | Created: 2017-03-04 11:18:59
Subject: TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 released
Hi all

TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 is available, visit for details. Next step: setting up the championships:-)

Enjoy, Bernhard.
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    Author: firechief | Created: 2017-03-06 13:06:37
    Subject: Re: TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 released
    Quick question Bernhard:-

    Endurance races don't seem to be forcing the use of pro mode in the new TORCS version. Is there any other means of ensuring the use of pro other than putting the line <attstr name="skill level" val="pro"/> in each driver's section in the robot's XML?

    If that's the only way to use pro, I want to make sure that every TRB competitor is aware of it & adds it to their robot's XMLs, and also that its clearly defined in the rules. We don't want a situation where the first race of the season has half the robots running in semi-pro.
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      Author: berniw | Created: 2017-03-06 20:06:13
      Subject: Re: TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 released
      Yes, there is, see changelog:
      - TRB adoptions, selecting driver optionally by name (previously only by index), added
      configuration option for "skill level default" in the "Drivers" section (Bernhard).

      Here you can find the TRB-template (in the upcoming races you can just download an endrace.xml):

      "<attstr name="skill level default" val="pro"/>"

      See also rules:
      "The TRB offers the download of a race configuration XML, this must be used to run the race, see 6.1.7."

      Kind regards

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        Author: firechief | Created: 2017-03-07 00:04:26
        Subject: Re: TORCS version 1.3.8-test1 released
        Great! Thanks for clarifying :)
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