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Author: firechief | Created: 2017-03-27 15:10:53
Subject: A potential new tyre wear feature
So I was watching one of the leadup races to the Melbourne F1 GP - a shortish sprint involving V8 "supercars", and toward the end some cars started to suffer blown tyres for no apparent reason, including the leader at the time.

The commentators made the point that, while all cars were running some degree of camber in order to maximize speed, some engineers had been a little too "greedy" as they put it, had gone for too much camber, and this had caused the inside edge of the tread to wear down rapidly & led to tyre failure. You can see it here:

Now in TORCS we also have a significant increase in car speed from camber. However, as far as I can tell, there's no penalty in terms of faster wear from having a radical camber angle. My proposal would be that this is introduced for next year if possible - or if it is already in the game, the wear rate in relation to camber is dramatically increased. That way we'd have a choice of setting up for speed, but paying for it with shorter-lived tyres, or going for long-lasting tyres with slower laptimes, and this is irrespective of how the robots drive the cars, its simply down to setup choices.

Would something like this be possible in TORCS?
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    Author: jspenn | Created: 2017-03-27 15:30:13
    Subject: Re: A potential new tyre wear feature
    > Now in TORCS we also have a significant increase in car speed from camber.

    Thanks Andrew - I always appreciate setup tips!
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    Author: berniw | Created: 2017-03-27 20:42:12
    Subject: Re: A potential new tyre wear feature
    Hi Andrew

    Before this I would do many other things;-) Namely:
    - Replace the current camber model through a proper one
    - Solving the "slip makes no sense around still standing" problem
    - Doing some refinements on the current tire wear model, maybe adding blistering and dirt pick up (in combination with the upcoming dynamic track model)
    - Adding various compounds

    After those it would then make sense to add the camber/wear thing. Initially I had the destruction of tires planned, I just took it out based on the discussions here.

    But depending on the needs we could do a simple implementation earlier (calculate the angle between the road normal/wheel normal, based in that the contact area is reduced, which increases the stress, which would lead to more wear. But step by step, I think even with the current model we can have quite some fun.

    Kind regards

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      Author: firechief | Created: 2017-03-28 09:09:11
      Subject: Re: A potential new tyre wear feature
      All those changes sound excellent to me. Another one would be flat spots due to braking with wheels locked. The complex way to model it would be to divide the wheel into sectors & monitor wear for each, and even introducing vibrations if the flat spot's a bad one. Alternately it could be more simplistically handled by calculating the depth of the flat-spot wear at the time of the skid, and treating the whole tyre as being worn to that depth, so if you flat-spot badly your tyre life is halved. Right now there's really very little detriment to braking as late & hard as possible, it doesn't contribute much to tyre wear as far as I can see.

      I'm glad you didn't include tyres being destroyed, as (in my understanding) the affected car would be immediately eliminated, when IRL cars often limp back to the pits with shredded tyres. I prefer the way its done in TORCS now, where if the tyres are worn down to 100% the car can still be driven, albeit very slowly, its like driving on the canvas.

      And yes, step by step changes are definitely the way to go :)
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