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Author: fa1 | Created: 2017-04-22 19:35:52
Subject: Downforce reduction in slipstream
Hi all

Do you know whether there is a reduction in downforce if the car is in the slipstream of another which would mean that following other cars in corners is difficult?

Thanks for answers
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    Author: dummy | Created: 2017-04-22 21:35:48
    Subject: Re: Downforce reduction in slipstream
    Hi Fabian,

    I didn't look into the code, but from experience in past seasons there is no reduction in downforce at all. In the seasons before 2012, we were even driving faster when slipstreaming in pairs. I think the top speeds reached on Forza were 360 km/h back then.

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      Author: firechief | Created: 2017-04-23 02:12:02
      Subject: Re: Downforce reduction in slipstream
      Hmm, I'm not sure, I think there's a slight reduction. When I have my cars following each other too closely I often see the 2nd car run a little wider around the corner. But yes the affect isn't huge, if indeed its there at all - Bernhard would be able to tell us.

      Pre-2012 the simulation actually decreased drag on the front car if there was another following it closely behind, hence the ability for tight-following team-mates to pull away, especially on the faster tracks. I'm glad that's been scaled back.
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    Author: berniw | Created: 2017-04-23 08:40:51
    Subject: Re: Downforce reduction in slipstream
    Hi Fabian

    There is not direct downforce reduction, in the form of "if (car_is_in_turbulencefield) { downforce = reducedownforce(situation, downforce); }. But: Slipstrem reduces the drag, so indirectly it affects the trajectory and "energy management" of the cars. E.g. the following car has less drag, so it must burn more energy with the brakes in a brake zone, caused by this the moments are different (->so the balance feels potentially a bit different).

    We had experimented with realistic downforce reduction more than 10 years ago, but it turned out to be boring (like in real world), so I decided to not put it in.

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      Author: firechief | Created: 2017-04-23 15:12:20
      Subject: Re: Downforce reduction in slipstream
      Yeah I imagine it would have been boring. Unfortunately most cars in TORCS seem to have huge amounts of downforce, so the affect would have been significant.
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