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Author: timfoden | Created: 2017-05-16 09:21:43
Subject: Front and Rear Axles settings -- rules clarification
Hi Guys,

I notice that many (if not all) of the entries from last year changed the suspension settings for the front and rear axles.

e.g. This is typical:

<attnum name="spring" min="0" max="40000" unit="lbs/in" val="40000"/>
<attnum name="suspension course" min="0" max="60" unit="mm" val="40"/>
<attnum name="slow bump" min="0" max="1000" unit="lbs/in/s" val="1000"/>
<attnum name="slow rebound" min="0" max="1000" unit="lbs/in/s" val="1000"/>

Looking at the car definitions (in data/car/models/car*-trb1/car*-trb1.xml) I see that all cars are set like this:

<attnum name="spring" unit="lbs/in" min="0" max="40000" val="0"/>
<attnum name="suspension course" unit="mm" min="0" max="60" val="0"/>
<attnum name="slow bump" unit="lbs/in/s" min="0" max="1000" val="0"/>
<attnum name="slow rebound" unit="lbs/in/s" min="0" max="1000" val="0"/>

and the rules for the 2017 season don't specifically mention being allowed to change these Front and Rear Axle suspension settings:

Robots are allowed to alter the following car settings:

8.3.3. Initial fuel.
8.3.4. Front and rear wing angle where available.
8.3.5. The gear ratios.
8.3.6. Differential: ratio, max slip bias, locking input torque, locking brake input torque.
8.3.7. Front-rear brake repartition and max pressure.
8.3.8. Wheels:ride height, toe and camber.
8.3.9. Anti rollbars: spring.
8.3.10. Suspension: spring, suspension course, packers, slow/fast bump, slow/fast rebound.
8.3.11. Third element: spring, suspension course, slow bump, slow rebound.
8.3.12. All other settings must not be modified!
8.3.13. The tCarPitSetup struct must not be used in this championship.

So what's the answer... Should Front/Rear axle settings changes be allowed for the 2017 season or not? :)

Cheers, Tim.
Last Edited: 2017-05-16 09:27:29 by timfoden
    Author: firechief | Created: 2017-05-16 09:40:31
    Subject: Re: Front and Rear Axles settings -- rules clarification
    I believe (and Bernhard can correct me if I'm wrong) that the "Third element" settings described in the rules actually refer to axles.

    Edit: I think the above is correct, as "third element" springs are usually there to counteract downforce and keep the ride height of the car within reasonable limits, otherwise high-df cars (Formula 1 for example) would be squashed onto the track down high-speed straights. Axle suspension performs the same function in TORCS.
    Last Edited: 2017-05-16 09:50:42 by firechief
      Author: timfoden | Created: 2017-05-16 11:20:19
      Subject: Re: Front and Rear Axles settings -- rules clarification
      OK, that sounds reasonable, thanks.
      Last Edited: 2017-05-16 11:20:19 by timfoden
    Author: dummy | Created: 2017-05-16 10:43:50
    Subject: Re: Front and Rear Axles settings -- rules clarification
    Yes Andrew is right, it's the 'third element'. I always thought this should be documented better.

    Another thing I just noticed is, that we always changed the 'differential type' in past seasons, but we're not supposed to do that according to the rules. Andrew, we all broke the rules the past seasons, so you're not a legitimate champion ;)

    Last Edited: 2017-05-16 10:43:50 by dummy
      Author: firechief | Created: 2017-05-16 11:47:14
      Subject: Re: Front and Rear Axles settings -- rules clarification
      Haha, I'll have you know that I didn't touch the differential type last year!!!
      Last Edited: 2017-05-16 11:47:14 by firechief