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Author: alassio | Created: 2017-05-19 08:07:59
Subject: Can tyres explode?
In my recent testing I observed very bad worst case behaviour after a crash where the recovery was done badly (like donuts, trying to drive with full power against a wall etc). This can drive rear tyre temperature up to 400 degrees quickly ...
Is there some limit which will kill the tyre and make the car be taken out?
Of course recovery is almost impossible then, letting the tyre cool down and be driving anyway is tough (maybe only a pit stop and tyre change helps).

Last Edited: 2017-05-19 08:07:59 by alassio
    Author: firechief | Created: 2017-05-19 09:19:32
    Subject: Re: Can tyres explode?
    Blisters haven't been implemented yet, so tyres don't blow up.

    What will happen instead is the rears will wear down very quickly at those temperatures. Even 100% worn, the car won't be eliminated from the race - it can still drive very slowly & carefully to the pits and get new tyres.
    Last Edited: 2017-05-19 09:19:43 by firechief