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Author: firechief | Created: 2017-10-06 07:12:42
Subject: Is it possible to change cars? (and other questions)
I'm just asking out of idle curiosity - I have no intention of changing cars for either of my robots this season.

But imagine a scenario where a championship starts and you quickly realised that you chose a slower car for your robot. Would it theoretically be possible to withdraw from the comp after the first race, change the robot's car, then rejoin? If so, I wonder why nobody's ever thought to do this?

Here's another thought - I expected coming into the season that the lack of pro-mode grip would really show itself in high speed corners, but that hasn't proven to be the case due to the huge downforce generated by the trb1 cars. I never thought they'd be able to take the slippery off-camber corners on Hidden Valley at full throttle going well over 200km/h on cold tyres, but they can.

So how much fun would it be if next year we drove one of the stock cars, I think stock2 looks the most interesting as it has less DF than stock1. Tons of power, not much fuel, and heavier than the trb1s. I know how much Danny enjoys training robots to set fast laptimes :) But would it be a good idea, or maybe something for the more distant future?
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    Author: dummy | Created: 2017-10-06 08:34:19
    Subject: Re: Is it possible to change cars? (and other questions)
    8.2.2. You must not change the car during the championship.
    I'm don't know why this rule is necessary. OK I forgot that the idea behind this rule is, that every car has it's strength and weaknesses, so theoretically, on some tracks other cars should be better.

    >I know how much Danny enjoys training robots to set fast laptimes
    If it's a completely new car, I don't mind and I like your idea ;)
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      Author: firechief | Created: 2017-10-06 09:04:12
      Subject: Re: Is it possible to change cars? (and other questions)
      Ah thanks Danny, I should have looked at the rules but I guess I'm too lazy ;)

      It would probably have made more sense for that rule to allow a maximum of one car change per season, rather than prohibiting it altogether.

      Btw I ran some manual laps - with the default setup in a stock2 its definitely NOT possible to take those Hidden Valley curves at full throttle, even with tyres warmed up. Maybe it might be possible with an optimal setup, but I tend to doubt it. I expect a stock1 could do it though. With my mediocre driving skills using mouse/keyboard & driving aids, I was able to get under 1:20 on Corkscrew with a stock1 which tells me we could probably get similar laptimes with it as our TRB1 cars - I was 10s slower with a stock2.
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      Author: berniw | Created: 2017-10-07 04:49:00
      Subject: Re: Is it possible to change cars? (and other questions)
      8.2.2 does exist:
      - to be able to replay the season years later (see also naming suggestion to include the year in the bot)
      - to get data about the balancing of the cars over various tracks
      - to collect setup data of a particular car
      - to give an identity

      Regards, Bernhard

      PS: regarding stock 2, here was my testing:
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        Author: firechief | Created: 2017-10-07 05:24:05
        Subject: Re: Is it possible to change cars? (and other questions)
        > PS: regarding stock 2, here was my testing:

        Ah, interesting, hadn't seen that one! I note that like me, you definitely had to lift through the fast corners with this car. With less fuel capacity, it may just be possible to make 2 stints on a single set of tyres - will need to run some tests. If so, it may be possible to improve strategy options just by changing to stock2, rather than having to tweak either fuel consumption or tyre wear rates on the trb1 cars.

        Edit: I made a quick & dirty setup for USR on Corkscrew with this car, got it down to 1:27 - I'm sure it can be faster, but its quick enough that the car's pushing through corners. By the time a fuel tank approaches empty (about 16 laps), the rear right is around 60% worn. On average I have to reduce it to 1:30 a lap to get it under 50% for the fuel load - 3 seconds x 32 (need to go slow for 2 stints to make this work) = 96 seconds lost by going slow, compared to 16 seconds lost when changing tyres. Its really not worth it - changes would still have to be made to tyre wear to make alternate strategies viable.

        Another thing I didn't consider - many of us are running "B" teams with slower car models to help fill up the grid plus allow exploring different ideas. If we switched to a one-car championship I'm not sure what would happen to these teams.
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