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Author: ocirne94 | Created: 2018-02-03 17:03:03
Subject: Championship robots performance
Hello all,
I wondered it would be cool to try out last year championship's robots in my own torcs installation (1.3.8-test1), so I installed some of them (usr 2017, wdbee 2016, dandroid). I had quite a surprise to find lap times very different from the ones achieved in the championship - usually 5-10 % slower or so. Is this due to optimized car setups and/or custom racelines used during the championship?
Last Edited: 2018-02-03 17:03:03 by ocirne94
    Author: dummy | Created: 2018-02-04 05:43:28
    Subject: Re: Championship robots performance
    Speaking for dandroid, the downloaded version should lap at high speeds only on E-Track 1, the last race of the season, because of missing setups for the other tracks.

    If you run a race on E-Track 1, you should get the results of the championship for all robots.
    Last Edited: 2018-02-04 05:45:53 by dummy