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Author: dummy | Created: 2019-05-17 10:57:32
Subject: Extra teams for the championship
As for now I think we have the following teams:

In the case that there are less than 7 teams, I will add a robotec clone (autobot) for sure.
And, if no racer is against it, create a slower team with my 2017 code under a new TRB username, because I don't want to lose the points for the results to this slower team.

Is one of you considering to enter a second team as well?

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    Author: timfoden | Created: 2019-05-20 10:04:30
    Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
    Well I was hoping not to have to enter a 2nd team, but if there are too few, I'm prepared to do so... perhaps a version of mouse with default settings, or one with just a few small tweaks for each track (this latter is like the mouse that ran during the test races.)

    Cheers, Tim.
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      Author: dummy | Created: 2019-05-20 12:35:55
      Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
      Thanks Tim. I wanted as well only race with one team and still hope that we get at least two more competitors. But realisticly, we'll have 4 maybe 5 teams, let's see. When you race a slower team, out of kindness, then the problem is that this slower team get's all the points for the result submission. May I suggest, that you race two teams with the same speed under one user, or create a second user and race the slower team under his name, as I will do.

      However at the moment I can't register a new user on the TRB. I get an error message that the registration time has expired. Bernhard is looking into this problem. Could you try to register a second user yourself and give some feedback?
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        Author: speedychonchon | Created: 2019-05-26 15:24:42
        Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
        I just try to register a new user and I have the same problem : expired delay.
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        Author: timfoden | Created: 2019-05-27 13:52:29
        Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
        Sorry, didn't try making another team, I just decided to take the hit on team points by using my Tiger Team as the 2nd one.

        Looks like speedy has seen the same problem with making another user though.
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          Author: dummy | Created: 2019-05-27 15:41:30
          Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
          Thanks Tim. Maybe I'll throw in a third slow team and lose the points as well.
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    Author: speedychonchon | Created: 2019-05-23 12:51:10
    Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
    Hi all

    I have always followed you with a distant eye. This year I would like to enter the championship again with two accounts/teams. One in my own (nick)name and the other with the name of a borning project. But I have no bots (although I have some ideas I would like to implement maybe on a BT base).

    Reading Danny's message I have this idea : why not make a kind of Pro/Am championship (tacit rule). In the PRO category there would be your better bots with every last improvements. In amateur category, competitors will use the same base BOT at the beginning of the championship. For example, if you, Danny, want to create a team with your 2017 code. I could use also your 2017 code for my team(s). Difference will be made only on the setup of the car/bot (if the bot have some parameters) and we will have a race in the race.
    The amateur category would have to be discussed, maybe several base BOT but with frozen developments for half a season would be interesting too.

    Would you agree to admit such "amateur competitors" in your championship ?
    What do you think about a PRO/AM decomposition of the grid ?

    Looking forward to reading you.

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      Author: dummy | Created: 2019-05-23 13:33:57
      Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
      Welcome back Eliam. What a nice surprise that you're joining us again after all these years.

      I want to race one slower team with my 2017 code and you're more than welcome to use it for your new teams.
      As it stands I'm unable to create a new TRB user for this team, as I said Bernhard will look into this, but if you join there is no need for my extra team. So for now I'm only planing to race two fast teams with 2019 code.

      Regarding Pro/Am championship, I think the idea is good. Maybe it could attract some new racers, who don't want to develop a robot. It's something to think about for the next championship IMHO. For this season I guess Jacob will be more than happy, if you race a slower team (not that my 2017 code can't be fast).
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        Author: jspenn | Created: 2019-05-23 13:43:08
        Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
        > I guess Jacob will be more than happy, if you race a slower team

        What is this "not being last" that you speak of? ;)
        Last Edited: 2019-05-23 13:43:08 by jspenn
          Author: dummy | Created: 2019-05-23 13:57:32
          Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
          I was last in my first season (missed half of it though) ;)
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        Author: speedychonchon | Created: 2019-05-24 14:24:33
        Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
        Thank you for your nice welcoming.

        I'm glad you agree with my demarche to use your 2017 code. Could you please sent me an email at speedy.chonchon[at]free[dot]fr ? I have so many question about the working of your code (learning, setup, etc...).

        Thank you.

        Ps : I just made him do a few laps and I find it already quite fast :D
        Last Edited: 2019-05-24 14:24:33 by speedychonchon
      Author: wdbee | Created: 2019-05-30 11:59:12
      Subject: Re: Extra teams for the championship
      Hi Eliam,

      welcome back!

      Some years ago we had some "private" teams using a copy of the last years bots of a "pro" team. With a little help (explain parameters etc.) they where able to play a role in the championships (Team Jedi, Nexus Six, Polimi, …).

      For me this was a good situation.

      But at this time we had a stable platform, no serious rule changes, no dramatic changes in simulation code. Today a last year bot cannot work caused by all theses heavy last minute changes.

      To make it work again we would have to define the platform for the next year at start of the current season. In addition a testrace at end of the season with the new platform and published candidates to allow such "private" teams to select a bot for the next year, get familar with it and prepare setups.

      The test races are a good thing, but they should start earlier and be distributed over a longer time period to allow racers some development from race to race.

      Last Edited: 2019-05-30 11:59:12 by wdbee