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Author: timfoden | Created: 2019-07-09 07:16:34
Subject: e-track-6 issues
Hi All,

I made a silly mistake last night... For some reason I had got the idea in my head that the deadline of 00:00:00 UCT translated to 1am in the UK, but of course it is really 11pm. I found my error when I tried to submit Mouse at around 5 minutes to midnight... doh!

If anyone wants the version that I tried to post, then you can pick it up from my website at:

If you don't want to use it, thats fine, no hard feelings -- it was completely my fault. I will try to remember it's an 11pm cutoff next time. :)

Cheers, Tim.
Last Edited: 2019-07-09 07:16:34 by timfoden
    Author: dummy | Created: 2019-07-09 08:44:30
    Subject: Re: e-track-6 issues
    Haha, I was sure you were confident enough, that the default setup was enough to win this race. Will download and run the real version of course ;)

    BTW Autobot seems to have a problem at pit entry, but I don't know yet why. That's what you get, when you're too lazy to test all the bots. Will keep you updated.
    Last Edited: 2019-07-09 08:44:30 by dummy