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Author: dummy | Created: 2019-07-30 08:51:26
Subject: USR corrections
raceline.h:237:33: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before ‘default’
double getApex(int Div, double default);

Renamed default to def in .h and .cpp, then it works here ;)

In the terminal comes this message and segfaults:
Can't load the xml! drivers/usr_2019/car3-trb1/race/brondehach.xml

<attstr name="car name" val="car1-trb1"/>
For both cars and it works.
Last Edited: 2019-07-30 08:51:26 by dummy
    Author: firechief | Created: 2019-07-30 09:35:44
    Subject: Re: USR corrections
    Thanks Danny, will correct for next race :)

    Also can I just say one thing - it is so good to be back!
    Last Edited: 2019-07-30 09:50:30 by firechief
      Author: dummy | Created: 2019-07-30 18:13:04
      Subject: Re: USR corrections
      It's so good to see you and your high quality bots back in the championships where they belong. Something was missing ;)
      Last Edited: 2019-07-30 18:13:04 by dummy
        Author: firechief | Created: 2019-07-31 05:35:22
        Subject: Re: USR corrections
        You've had the robot though - just look at JSR :)
        Last Edited: 2019-07-31 05:35:22 by firechief