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Author: callistoss | Created: 2007-06-13 11:27:48
Subject: TORCS in text only mode
Hello everyone,
I am interested, if possible, in building a version of TORCS that just runs in practice mode, but without displaying anything on the screen, that is without using any OpenGL.
What I want is different from the "results only" functionality provided with TORCS. Ideally, I would like to start TORCS from the shell and it would just start running my bot in practice mode on the track I have defined, basically using only the physics engine built in.

Does any one of you know if this is feasible or even worth trying? My goal would be to run a practice session at much higher speed that in the "results only" mode, because I need to develop a controller for the car that needs hundreds of laps to learn how to drive.

Any help will be greatly apprechiated. Thank you.
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    Author: berniw | Created: 2007-06-13 23:16:16
    Subject: Re: TORCS in text only mode

    I did recently reply to a similar request, I think this would be useful and as well quite easy to implement. Here a snippet of my reply:

    Yes, I think it is possible. Basically you need to analize the state of the
    software at the point you want to enter (just put in some breakpoints and
    enjoy the action) and the path it took up to the point.

    The you need to bypass this path, so you need a configuration file to describe
    you start configuration and maybe a command line switch, in case you want to
    use it still the "ordinary" way.

    The race state machine is located in src/libs/raceengineclient, e.g. for
    practise there exists already a "blind mode" (you still need to navigate
    menus, but just that you are aware of this).

    The race gets started from racemanmenu.cpp, you can directly search for the
    strings you see in the menus, e.g. an ordinary "New Race" is started with
    "ReStartNewRace", so I guess your "entry point" will be somewhere in this

    Hope this helps,

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      Author: callistoss | Created: 2007-06-19 21:19:42
      Subject: Re: TORCS in text only mode
      your information was very helpful to get started!

      Do you happen to remember where you replied to that other request? I have looked into this forum and also at sourceforge forum but with no luck. I would like to get in touch with other people that are pursuing a similar goal.

      Thank you.
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        Author: juntawu | Created: 2018-01-11 03:20:43
        Subject: Re: TORCS in text only mode
        I am pursuing a similar goal right now!! I'd like to train my RL algorithm with TORCS and hope to speed up training process in text mode. However, the text mode runs the "quick race" by typing "torcs -T" in terminal. I wonder how to change to "pracitce". Any idea?
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          Author: dummy | Created: 2018-01-11 07:03:47
          Subject: Re: TORCS in text only mode
          torcs -r pathtoraceconfigfile

          pathtoraceconfigfile should be like /home/yourname/.torcs/config/raceman/practice.xml
          in Linux for example.
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          Author: damien | Created: 2018-08-05 19:12:30
          Subject: Re: TORCS in text only mode
          Hi I am currently working on the exact same problem: mastering TORCS with RL.
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