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The TORCS Racing Board FAQ

1. About The TORCS Racing Board in General.

2. Usage Related Questions.

3. Racing Related Questions.

4. Other Questions.

1. About The TORCS Racing Board in General.

1.1. What is the TORCS Racing Board?

The TORCS Racing Board (TRB) is a platform to organize and perform racing championships for computer controlled car drivers in The Open Racing Car Simulator. The goal is to form a TORCS racing community and to have fun.

1.2. Missing features and ideas.

  • System/usage documentation.
  • E-Mail address exchange.
  • Display little cups for 1,2,3 in the gimmik overview.
  • Integration with TORCS itself.

2. Usage Related Questions.

2.1. The quiz is too hard.

There is nothing I can do for you, that's the "entry fee". If you do not manage to pass the quiz you are not motivated enough to join.

2.2. The "Browse" button does not work.

I could never reproduce that, but I guess it has something to do with the widget set you use and the css formattings. Try another browser or WM theme.

2.3. Where can I download the robots to run the race?

The event page changes depending on the phase of the event, you can download the robots during the "Racing/Result submission" phase if you have a team in the championship.

3. Racing Related Questions.

3.1. The team points are not the sum of the driver points?

Depending on the point system of the championship a team gets points for the submission of a result. Read the Rules.

3.2. How do I file a protest?

Currently post after the racing phase into the forum.

3.3. Can a team join multiple championships?

Yes, but be aware that the robot is stored separately for every championship on the server (this is absolutely necessary to avoid conflicts). That means if you update your robot for championship "A" you have still the old robot in championship "B", so you want probably to update your robot for "B" in the next robot upload phase as well.

3.4. Do I need to update the robot for every race?

No, this is optional. The idea is simply to give the competitors the opportunity to improve the robots during the season and that you do not need to figure out setups for all tracks at once before the season.

4. Other Questions.

4.1. I would like to see an XYZ Championship.

If there are enough people which are interested and I have still free resources I can set it up for you on the server. If you would like to have full control you can download and install The TORCS Racing Board software on your own server. Currently this is not trivial because there is not much documentation, but that might change.

4.2. Where can I get The TORCS Racing Board software?

I will commit it to the TORCS CVS, you will find it there. The license is the GPL.