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wdbee racing Team

Name: wdbee racing logo flag
Owner: wdbee
Created: 2006-11-19 15:46:58
Car: car6-trb1
Races: 113
Distance: 108243.0 km
Points: 2454.0
Description: For season 2017 and the new tire model the code needed a lot of rework. Common learning while race conflicts now with the different tire states. Since Hidden-Valley the racinglines are separated per driver and starting with Brondehach the filters are replaced by agents. Learning is still hampered by the TORCS bug running the first driver while qualifying with different conditions compared to all others, because learning is done in practice mode as first driver. So the learned data results in the optimized laptime only if the driver is the first while qualifying. For E-Track-2 some code cleanup and bugfixing was done and a default setup was added.
Drivers: Name Number Races Points Distance [km]
Lobo Malo 31 113 1182.5 54181.0
Lupo Bianco 32 113 1203.5 54062.0
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