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Black Simplix Racing Team

Name: Black Simplix Racing logo flag
Owner: wdbee
Created: 2010-05-15 13:24:53
Car: car3-trb1
Races: 40
Distance: 38898.8 km
Points: 809.0
Description: New season, new car. Let's use the fantastic car3-trb1. Now the team uses own code. Yes we can beat the D'Androids! Yes we will! Yes we did! (At least in one race ;-)). Seems we found how to control the brake with the new controller being fast but keep distance to opponents or teammates and do not damage us and them while slipstreaming.
Drivers: Name Number Races Points Distance [km]
Freddy Fox 55 40 411.0 19478.2
Larry Lynx 56 40 378.0 19420.7
flag flag