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ScheurBT Racing Team

Name: ScheurBT Racing
Owner: scheurneus
Created: 2013-03-06 13:04:55
Car: car3-trb1
Races: 2
Distance: 970.4 km
Points: 0.0
Description: Newbie. Based on BT, but heavily improved. Will it beat other teams? NOTE:Created on Windows XP, with VC++ 2010. If it doesn't work in Linux / older VC++, post in forum. If you e.g. created a VCPROJ or DSW, please e-mail (quintenkock AT gmail DOT com)
Drivers: Name Number Races Points Distance [km]
scheurbt_2013 1 29 2 0.0 498.2
scheurbt_2013 2 30 2 0.0 472.2