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Klin Project Team

Name: Klin Project logo flag
Owner: phi
Created: 2017-06-23 17:38:59
Car: car7-trb1
Races: 1
Distance: 877.2 km
Points: 9.0
Description: Klin is a development of the K1999 with BT-based pits, having an analytical and dynamic adaptive-progressive nature. That is, it pretends to be a general and universal controller, self-regulated by its reading and interpretation of the environment and the situations that surround it. Put him on a track, and he gives his best with or without previous learning; nothing more besides this. It's all about challenge, understanding and exploration, and the motivation lies in this and in Klin's self-overcoming at all levels. And that's all it takes to have fun in a low-level category.
Drivers: Name Number Races Points Distance [km]
Klin 1 95 1 4.0 439.7
Klin 2 96 1 3.0 437.5
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