1.4 What's next?


So, you had your first taste of robot development, and I hope you are keen to improve it. There are also some features of TORCS, which I would like to introduce now. As you will see in the next chapter, your robot module is able to handle up to 10 robots. That's like e. g. the "Damned" robots are implemented.
I already mentioned that your robot is able to pit. You can then tell the simulation how much fuel you need and how much damage you want to repair. We will deal with pit stops in a later chapter, because it's not that easy to stop in the pit.
Keep in mind, this is just a tutorial, so the solutions presented here are not perfect. But it should be a good starting point for you. The coming chapters deal with the following topics:

  • Chapter 2 will discuss how to get unstuck and how to deal with more than one car.
  • In chapter 3 we will start braking and gear changing.
  • In chapter 4 we try to steer better.
  • We also need a way to setup the cars, e. g. spoilers, dampers and more. That's chapter 5.
  • Paint your car and a pit logo in chapter 6.
  • We overtake and try to avoid collisions in chapter 7.
  • And finally in chapter 8 we will do pit stops.


Let me know if you read this chapter and your thoughts about it. Please send me also spelling, grammar, math and code corrections. Thank you for the feedback.