About Me

My name is Bernhard Wymann, I was born 1971 in Switzerland and still live here. You can find information about me in the stripped CV below and in the interviews (see navigation bar on the right).

If you want to know more about my professional/commercial work, please contact me for the full CV.

My current hobbies are TORCS and photography, a past (up to 2003) very intense hobby was aeromodelling aerobatics (in a class called F3A), where I competed in the highest league in Switzerland and was a judge in the lower leagues.

Stripped CV

Personal Data

Name: Bernhard Wymann
Data: Born 1971, citizen of Switzerland

Education/Work Reverse Ordered


Finished my second semester thesis and exams. The subject was to design and implement an algorithm for selfcollision-detection of deformable objects. Download the report here (in German).


10 weeks internship with Ergon. The subject was to implement a remote procedure call stub generator based on model driven architecure.


Continued studies of Computer Science at the ETH in Zurich. Ported Intimate Linux to a device designed by the ETH (the "WearARM") in my first semester thesis. Download the report here (in English).


Worked with Accenture on an e-commerce project.


Studies of Computer Science at the ETH in Zurich.


Attended English language school in Oxford.


Worked with the FH Burgdorf (FH: university of applied sciences or polytechnic).


Attended Minerva School for preparing ETH entry exam in languages.


Preparing ETH entry exam.


Worked with the FH Burgdorf.


Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the FH Burgdorf, finished with a degree (Dipl. Masch.-Ing. HTL).


Worked with U. Amman AG as mechanician and 17 weeks military training.


Industrial education (Lehre) to mechanician (Maschinenmechaniker).